All you can eat… and more

One good thing about France is … food.

We have all kinds of beautiful dishes, especially when it’s getting cold: Fondue, raclette, Choucroute, Duck Confit, not to mention plump and juicy steaks with fries, foie gras, sausages, and a great variety of cheese and cold cuts.

Once we’re gone, it will be a little more difficult to find all these and even if we did, who would like a fondue by 35 degrees Celsius?

So I think it is legitimate to want to taste everything [at least] one last time before leaving, right?

Of course Thai food is great, but I know that a time will come when between two pad thai, I wish I had a good little confit with sauteed potatoes…

So I stock up on “gustatory memories” anticipating these moments.Fondue, raclette foie gras, confit etc .. All are on my list, and more.

And tonight, it was ravioli Nicois with Cèpe sauce. Just fantastic!


Fantastic and great … as my waistline is now becoming, slowly but surely, because of course there would be no point in storing broccoli and green beans in my now famous “gustatory memory ”

In fact, I find broccoli and green beans uninteresting, even if they have the remarkable advantage of being low in calorie and approved by Weight Watchers.(Unlike the rest that you just need to look at to put weight )

Oh and after all, I ‘m sure the heat and change of diet will will quickly hep shed the extra kilosSo let’s see … what’s still missing from my stock of “gustatory memories” mmm?


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