The Grinch

The countdown has started.

It has too: next week at the same time we will be on the plane en route to Bangkok and we hope to find a house during the next week; then another three weeks and it’s my final departure, and the beginning of our new life!I have my visa B, the relocation company came to do a quote for the removal, we’re getting there for sure!

It’s a little weird because at the same time it’s quite difficult to actually realise that in a just a few weeks’ time, we’ll be pressing the “reset” button of our life, ready to build something new, somewhere else.

Because of that, we are totally missing all the excitement around Christmas, and while Christmas trees and decorations start spreading all over the streets, shops, and social networks, our house does not look like anything but a huge happy mess of plastic crates and boxes, here whatever needs to be thrown away , there the stuff to sell and give away and overthere the stuff we take with us …


I know!

This move… IT’S THE GRINCH!



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