HOME! [Second house-hunting day – and the next ones]

On the second day, our enthusiasm has slightly decreased. We didn’t like much what we saw, and S. was not being very supportive, just telling us over and over again how difficult meeting our requirements would be.

I’ve had contacts with W. through a Thai real estate website, and I picture her like a tiny middle age lady, but she ends up being a tiny and dynamic very young girl who arrives right on time. She looks like a doll, her smile is a real one and she looks really kind. We like her right away

She’s doing the driving and taking us to the only house we have planned to visit with her, in the same moo baan as we were the day before.  We then have the opportunity to realize that we came back at the right place the previous day, the moo baan has actually two gates and we went through the back entrance with S., but the taxi driver had taken us to the right place, but at the main gate!

As soon as we park in front of the gate, we just know: this is THE house.

Photo 17-12-14 07 03 10

The owner meets and greets us, another nice woman. We go around the house trying to somewhat hide our enthusiasm but we are in reality over excited.

The house sits on 1 rai of land (around 1600 sqm) and is a somewhat old thai house with a big living area, a family room, a guest room and a cold water bathroom on the ground floor, 4 rooms, plus a relaxing area, all with a fantastic teak flooring upstairs.

IMG-20141220-00035 Photo 17-12-14 06 47 45

The moo baan is huge and holds several Thai markets and restaurants, plus shortly a huge pool (currently under refection) and tennis courts (how could anyone want to play tennis with the heat?). The BTS is a short drive away, we could experiment around 20 minutes with heavy traffic on the previous day.

Upon renting a house, Thai are not very demanding, all they want is enough deposit funds where we need in France several salary slips and sometimes an external guarantee of a third party.

Getting the deposit together is a bit of a nightmare as it proves much more complicated than we thought to get fund over from France, (we would never have thought that international banking would be so bad on the XXIst century)  but after a frustrating day of pulling our hair out we finally manage and meet the owner again to sign a pre rental agreement, and that’s it the house is ours at last!!!

On our last day, W. takes us to walk around the house with the owner again, we’re over excited.

We trigger the hilarity of  W. and the owner twice: the first time when we ask if there are  lots of snakes, the second when we are surprised that there is no hot water in the ensuite bathroom to the maid quaters (in Thailand there seem to be individual water heaters in each bathroom). Crazy farangs! I think we have a lot to learn!

But that’s it, our project is becoming real, we now have a home, [our new] life can start!


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