Happy New Life!

That’s it.

D day has arrived and time for me to leave. I’ve spent the three previous days visiting friends, and feel so overwhelmed of how much our friends care. I’m surrounded with warmth and love and it’s a fantastic feeling.

We spend New Year’s Eve packing, now my departure is becoming real and I’m starting to be a bit anxious.

The next morning as soon as I’m ready to go I just can’t stop crying, I suddenly realize I see our house where I’ve been so happy for the last time.

It really is a weird feeling, this is our choice and we’re all excited over it, nevertheless the fact that I leave on my own to begin with makes it harder, I wish we could all stay together. But Francois needs to stay to sell the house and Louise will finish the school year here.

This new life will not fully start until they’re here.

I shed more tears at the airport and I’m off on the plane, bye France for now.

This trip will not be a memorable one. Long haul flight full of kids, unhappy flight attendants, old plane, I can’t really sleep and wait patiently till we land. Bangkok at last, home. Is it?

This first day I spend between the hotel and work, I’m exhausted but want to go to bed as late as possible and sleep late the next morning to really avoid a bad jetlag effect.

Today, I started furniture hunting. It’s complicated, I wasn’t too sure where to go so I ended up roaming the huge malls that are Siam Paragon  and Central World  Just fantastic, disproportionate. Not really the place to buy furniture I think, but I feel like a kid for the first time at Disneyland.

I finish the day in a wine bar with the only regret that Francois is not with me to share this moment.

In fact he is right, using the references that we have, this city is a perfect blend between Bangalore and Tokyo. The mess of Bangalore with the Tokyo modernity. This thought crosses my mind as I walk through the bright lit tunnels between Central world and the Chit- Lom BTS station.

lumi1 lumi2

Tomorrow I finally sign the lease of the house, and I meet with French friends in Chatuchak. They know their way around a little bit, maybe it will be easier than last time!

And that’s the end of my second day in Bangkok, I have not even noticed the holidays with all that moving turmoil, there is yet still time to say Happy New Year, Happy New Life!


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